Each and every animatronic has a different look and style in Nightmare at Fredbears Family Dinner.

Fredbear is a golden/yellow version of Freddy Fazbear but wears a purple hat and bow tie.He has a light blue eye color.Fredbear holds a microphone and talks and sings to the children in the dinner.He is based on the stage with his friend Spring Bonnie.

Spring Bonnie is a light brownish yellow rabbit that has a blue tie.He also has a light blue eye color.Spring Bonnie holds a cupcake called Carl the Golden Cupcake or a guitar for him to play and sing with Fredbear.He is based on the stage right next to Fredbear.

Plushtrap is a greenish yellow version of Spring Bonnie.He is a small rabbit who will greet you into Fredbear's Family Dinner.Fredbear holds balloons and will give kids balloons.He is based at the other side of the building.The exit is at the end of the East hallway and that is were Plush Trap is based at.

The Marionette is a tall and thin,black and white puppet.The Marionette doesn't talk, he usually in a music box at the arcade area.Marionette is based in the arcade area in the prize corner.The Marionette will have a button on the radio that will play on the tune that will keep the Marionette asleep.

Roato is a yellow,green,grey and brownish Bear that is torn down.He is an easter egg in the game.He will sometimes hold a skull.He is based somewhere down stairs at the front of the office door.You will only see him in the office staring at you for a while till he jumpscare the player.

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