The player will get a camera use and the usage.Their will be 2 buttons that will say camera light and vent system.Click on the vent system and you will see a map of the vents with a button that will fix the Ventilation system The camera will have a total of 16 cameras (both vent and building cameras).m

Cam 1 shows the door that goes into the office.On the left shows a set of stairs leading down to the power room.The walls show drawings and on top of the door shows the light that help the player see through the door.Spring Bonnie, Plush Trap and Fred bear are shown on the camera.

Camera 2 shows the Northern hallway that is in front of the office.The player will see two windows that goes into the office where the play is at.You will see a blue and black tiled flooring.There will be wires and pipes around the hallway.

Camera 3 will show the player the storage room were the animatronics parts are.Their will be a table with parts and two shelf.Wires and pipes will show in the room including a vent.The animatronics that are in this room is Fred Bear, Plush Trap and Marionette.

Camera 4 will show the player the South hallway that shows the doorway to the storage and the hallway to the East hallway.The player can see the two windows that lead to the office with wires and pipes around the ceilings. Fred bear, Marionette and Plush Trap are all that is shown on the camera.

Camera 5 will show the East hallway that has the boys and girls bathroom.The player will see 3 windows that goes into the dining part and the stage.There are also wires and pipes.The player will see a vent at the other side of the Western hallway.Spring Bonnie, Plush Trap, Fred bear and Marionette will all be in West hallway

Camera 6 will let the player see behind the stage where Fred bear and Spring Bonnie.The animatronics will face backward from the camera towards the dining area.The player will see some theater chairs in front of the stage.The only animations that are on the stage is Fredbear and Spring Bonnie.

Camera 7 shows

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