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Nightmare at Fredbears is a fan-made horror game of the original Fredbear's Family Dinner.This game will conclude two very important animatronics such as Fredbear,Spring Bonnie and more.The game is about you as a security guard that has to defend a pizzeria dinner from huge animatronic animals.Why I created this Wiki is to inform people to play Nightmare at Fredbears.

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Nightmare at Fredbears is a game were you applied a job to become a security guard who has to defend a dinner from gigantic animatronic animals.The characters who takes a role in the game are Fredbear , Spring Bonnie , Plush trap , Marionette and Roato.The player will have to survive 12am to 6am with out getting jumpstarted or killed.I am creating this game for fun and for people to have fun playing the game.

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