There are seven nights in Nightmare at Fredbears.Each And every night gets more harder for the player to play the game but the player gets resources to help him/her over the nights.The first night will only have Spring Bonnie or sometimes Plush Trap.The 2nd night will have Fredbear, Spring Bonnie and Plush Trap.The 3rd night will show Plush Trap, Fredbear, Spring Bonnie and the Marionette.The 4th night and 5th night will have all the animatronics roaming around Fredbear's Family Dinner.The 6th and 7th night Roato might be added with the others on night 6th and 7th night.


There are 6 hours each night and it goes 12am to 6am.12 and 1am Spring Bonnie will come first.Then during 2am Fredbear will leave the stage.4am will have Plush Trap roams around every room in the building.The 6th night at 5am might have Roato activated at the door.At 6am will show the 5am turning to a 6am.


There are resources that will help the player get though the nights.On the left the player will find a door that will let the player turn on or off the light and shut the door when an animatronic is there.On the right of the office there will be a vent that will also have a light and a door.On the top right of the vent the player will get a clock to keep track of time.In the middle of the room the player will have two windows on the left and the right that will show hallways for the player can see when the animatronics are close.The player will get a camera that will say Vent System, a map of Fredbear's Family Dinner and a light that is conected to the camera.

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