There are 6 animatronics in Nightmare at Fredbears.

Fredbear is a golden version of Freddy Fazbear but is yellow with a purple hat and bow. He starts of at the stage. Then you see him on the Northern hallway. Next you will see him in the vents.He will pop up at your right window and start to walk towrds the door. Lastly he will stand in the door way and jumpscare you. He will start on th 2nd night.

Spring Bonnie is a golden version of Bonnie the Bunny with a blue tie. First he stands with Fredbear on the stage. Next he will look at the right and leave the stage. Then he will walk down the hall and will appear on the other side of the Eastern hallway in the left window. Then you will see him walking colser to you and if you dont shut the door quickly in time he will jumpscare you.

Plushtrap is a smaller version of Spring Bonnie but wears a red bowtie. He is in the backstage. Then he will start running all around the building until he get to you and jumpscare you.

Carl the Golden cupcake is a yellow frosted cupcake on a plate held by Spring Bonnie. There is an easter egg is that the cupcake would be in the middle of the Eastern hallway on the left window and will disappear.

The Puppet is a puppet  that is black and white.He is based in the arcade area in a box.In order to keep him away is to check the camras. If you don't check the cameras on time he will come after you.

Roato is a torn down animatronic and is an easter egg.He is a yellow broken down bear. You would usaly see him in the Eastern hallway sitting on the floor. Then a Huge hand will come from behind you and cover your face as a jumpscare.

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